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Want to get the Pokemon Mod for Minecraft known as Pixelmon? This is the easiest guide on How to Get Pixelmon on Minecraft PC. 3 Easy Steps and you are good
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Hi there, I'm Kyle. I'm a web developer and an indie game developer. Currently working on an android game called: Burning Rush developed in Game Maker: Studio and is currently in Early Access Stages. I enjoy working with code, favorite language currently: Python. Currently working: Freelance Part-time, Real Estate Marketing & Web Development Full-time, and Indie Game Development with Unholy Squid Entertainment.

3 Easy Steps How To Get Pixelmon on Minecraft PC | Pokemon Mod for Minecraft

The Easiest Guide on How To Get Pixelmon on Minecraft PC

Ever wanted to play the Pokemon Mod for Minecraft known as Pixelmon? Were you having troubles figuring out how to get pixelmon on minecraft pc? A lot of people have been asking me to create a simple guide so players can enjoy the wonderful world of Pixelmon!

I have created a video for you to follow along. In the video, I cover how to install minecraft mods using the popular minecraft mod installer known as Forge.

Step 1) Get Forge

Forge is a great way to get the pokemon minecraft mod or any awesome mod for that matter! Figuring out how to install mods in minecraft has never been as easy as a simple copy and paste the mod jar into a folder; til now.

To get Forge, download the correct version you wish to play on. In my video, I use 1.7.10. Once you get the the installer. Run it and you will see the following window:

forge minecraft mod installer gui

Make sure that you have the correct file path to your minecraft data. For most people, the default is correct.

Make sure you have selected the “Install Client” inside the Forge Minecraft mod Installer.

Click the “OK” button and wait til you get a message that states you have successfully installed the Forge Profile to your minecraft client.

Step 2) Get The Pixelmon Mod Download

In order to get the pokemon mod for minecraft, you will want to obtain the pixelmon mod download. Select the version you wish to play on, in my video I have selected the Pixelmon 3.5.1 Download.

Once you have the jar, open up your “.minecraft” folder. If you are using Windows, hit the “Windows Key” + “R” at the same time to open up the run dialog box. Type: %appdata% and then hit the enter key. Navigate to your “.minecraft” folder and look for a folder called: “mods”. If you do not see that folder, please create it. Then put the pixelmon jar into the folder.

Magic Moment on How To Get Pixelmon on Minecraft PC

Step 3) Run Forge

And there you have it, the simple way on how to get pixelmon on minecraft pc! This is how to install minecraft mods done in just a few minutes. Now go out and enjoy that awesome pokemon mod for minecraft!

If you found this guide on how to get pixelmon on minecraft useful, then please come check out SilverMoon Pixelmon, reviewed as the best pixelmon server on one of the top Pixelmon Server List sites known as

SilverMoon Pixelmon is the only server on to have over 100 reviews with a solid 4.9 out of 5 rank.

best pixelmon server on pixelmon server list

10 Reasons Game Developers Crunch

10 Reasons Game Developers Crunch

game developer crunch faceToday I happened to stumble upon an article titled: ‘The Curious Appeal of Crunch‘. In this article, game developer Tanya Short talks about some of the reasons why game developers end up crunching.

After reading Short’s post, I had stop and really reflect how I am tackling my own game development crunches. I often go in strides of days at a time to work on my craft, as a result, I end up straining myself.

For the last eight months, I have been listening to Gary Vaynerchuk, who is an entrepreneur and marketer that inspires me. Often he talks about the importance of the “hustle“, which is especially relevant to Short’s article since game developers keep on hustling till it’s done.

Short’s List of Reasons For Crunch:

  • The HoneyMoon
    • Game developers tend to want to obsess over the details and aspects of their projects. They will put in an intense workload to their problem solving and creativity skills.
  • White Collar Guilt
    • Our self egos, the competition with ourselves to do better helps create a picture of self worth. As that hamster wheel spins, working on your craft becomes easier.
  • Industriousness as Virtue
  • Plausible Deniability
    • “The market is the market. The market doesn’t care.“, a quote by Gary Vaynerchuk that sticks out for this one. Game Developers will have this undeniable feeling that they did the best that they could do, despite what the marketplace grades their product.
  • Martyr Syndrome
    • Dedicated developers will often pour their “blood, sweat, and tears” into the project. After their crunch, they will be the ones who feel as if they were the ‘saviors’ or ‘warriors’ of that studio/project.
  • Cognitive Dissonance
    • The moment where the game developer battles the thoughts between their actions and sacrifices on the project. Did they make a major mistake that will result in the project being a total failure? Is it going to be worth the work?
  • Perfectionism
    • Nothing is ever completed. There are many aspects game developers will improve in their creations. From polish, bug fixes, functionality, efficiency, and the list can go on and on. The point is, we are going to obsess.
  • Camaraderie
    • Other project members are here for a similar shared reason: “They want to be in the industry.” This helps create strong bonds between developers who end up going into the trenches with their comrades.
  • Learned Helplessness
    • “Get used to it. It’s not gonna change.”, starts to become the narrative we tell ourselves.
  • Culture
    • It’s been the norm, as a result we continue to follow the trend.

Crunches Negative Impact On Health

Crunches are a huge negative factor for our health. From sleep deprivation, burnouts, lack of creativity, ability, unhealthy eating, lack of exercise/blood flow are just to name a few.

For me, the biggest lesson I have learned from crunching is that sleep is very important!

I leave you with another piece of content I found inspiring to helping reverse the mindset towards crunching. In this video, Arianna Huffington of Huffington Post talks about the importance of sleep which is the focus of her latest book: The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time

I highly recommend picking up a copy of Arianna’s book: The Sleep Revolution: Transforming Your Life, One Night at a Time because it may help you learn how to tackle some of the triggers for crunches. Save yourself and learn the value of sleep!

Moving Forward

“The truth is that many game developers crunch ourselves. We choose the risks of overwork over the risks of idleness. We are conspirators in our own self-destruction, whether we work for big companies or we work for ourselves. Even as we say we disapprove, we also tend to say it is necessary, or unavoidable, or some other word that absolves us of our decisions.” – Tanya Short


3 Reasons To Join The Best Minecraft Server Community

3 Reasons To Join The Best Minecraft Server Community

Silvermoon is the best minecraft server as well as the best minecraft community

I made a blog post on SiverMoon’s blog titled, “What SilverMoon Means To Me – One of the Best Minecraft Servers!“. In that post, it was that site’s first blog post and I wanted it to be a special post. I decided to talk about some of the highlights of what I have found while running this server for just a little over a month & why I consider our server to be the best minecraft server.

A short excerpt from that post:

“I thank you for being apart of this server! And this is what I needed. I’ve been learning for a long time, but now I want to run and try new tactics. I want to be a video game developer and I haven’t been doing the best to perfect my craft. So I am so thankful for your support in giving me a new opportunity to learn about running game communities.”

Serenity and I are nearing our second month on SilverMoon Pixelmon and I thought I’d share with you some more highlights. If you look at this site and it’s content, you’ll notice that I’m a real on-again/off-again aspiring game developer. SilverMoon has re-lit my desire to push harder for my dreams. Thank you.

And now to the reasons why you should consider our server as the best minecraft server community! I hope that one day you will join us!

For Starters: Love & Kindness

Sounds cliche and overlooked by server owners. But I feel this is one of the core reasons to why I believe SilverMoon Pixelmon is the best minecraft server community. Players on our server open other players with welcome arms to new friendships. What’s Minecraft without a friends?

Our server’s community has family members; from fathers & their sons, to best friends, to real life friends. While we allow people to be themselves, we’ve always wanted a friendly atmosphere first.  Without asking, our players have always welcomed new people and helped them.

Then there’s: Response Time

I am brand new to being a minecraft server owner so it’s important to me to respond to everyone. This way I can build the best report with my player base. Serenity and I try our best to be available 24/7 for our players. While we might not appear online, we are always keeping tabs on everything.

A brilliant use of our response time is trying to minimize timeouts and keep the server running at all times. I created a python script to help monitor things on our server and provide us with news such as: Player Count, Cheaters, Logs, Timeouts, and Ddos attacks.

automated response best minecraft server

Dedicated Mobile Response Team

Along with our monitoring on things such as the above, we focus on being there anytime a player needs us. We are just a message away. Both Serenity and I use the following android apps to give either push notifications or access to the sever:

  • Pickaxe Chat Download Here
    • Used to connect to the server and allow us to chat to our players even when we aren’t home. We also use this a lot as we check in before going to bed or while we are waking up.
  • Remote Desktop Connection
    • To ensure everything is always running, we need to be able to have direct access to our server at a moments notice. Having it on our phones just means we’ll be able to launch the server the moment we get a skype message.
  • Enjin Android App Download Here
    • Sometimes players create reports through our website. We use Enjin as our web provider which allows us to get push notifications the moment someone sends us a private message or uses the contact forms on the website.
  • Teamspeak Android App Download Here
    • You’ll often find us chatting through our teamspeak server. Having teamspeak on our phones just allows us to engage with our community members. (Join us at:
  • Skype Download Here
    • We have our staff chat, gym leader chat, and our automation bot notifications chat to always keep us updated. Sometimes, I’m personally busy doing something, such as cooking food, and I’ll use my phone’s notification light as my indicator to quickly check skype.

And Lastly: Support

As mentioned, I am new to being a minecraft server owner. It has been amazing to see the patience and guidance as I navigate through pixelmon. For the longest while, I had no idea on how to help players.

But after a month of experience I started to get the hang of it. By the second month, I had been able to focus learning the core of what it means to run a minecraft server. From the plugins, map design, player feedback, the community, etc. Everyone has been so supportive of not just myself but also with the community.

I won’t be the only one on the server who had no idea what they were doing. Thank you everyone who has helped new players on the server. Thank you for all the awesome feedback about everything! You have no idea how much we appreciate all the compliments, suggestions, and frustration feedback.

Join The Best Minecraft Server Community

I hope I have either increased your interest in our server and maybe turned you into one of our players. If you end up joining our server and you came from this article, please message me in game and I’ll be sure to give you a wonderful thank you gift. (My in-game name is: Pinguin101)

We might not be the best minecraft server, but our aim is to be one of the best minecraft community out there!

Don’t have Pixelmon 3.5.1? Check out our guide on getting it so you can connect! However if  do have Pixelmon 3.5.1 installed for Minecraft 1.7.10 then please use the following ip to connect to our home.

Server Ip:

3 Reasons Why Pixelmon Side Mods Rock & Are a MUST!

I love wonder trade pixelmon side mods3 Reasons Why Pixelmon Side Mods Rock!

I recently started a pixelmon server with my best friend. At the start of this journey, I knew nothing about pixelmon. Here are 3 reasons why “Pixelmon Side Mods” are a must in your pixelmon experience.

I focus on development with most of this blog, but for players, you’ll definitely find it worth your time.

First off, you should note that some of these pixelmon side mods are exclusive towards certain pixelmon versions. Our current server (SilverMoon Pixelmon) runs on pixelmon 3.5.1, but after learning about new features and mods for pixelmon 4.3.x look awesome! As a result, Serenity and I will be opening a second pixelmon server under a higher version number.

Reason 1 – Competition!

Mods such as: Nuzlocke, EVs/IVs add a ton of competition value to your server/gameplay experience. The pixelmon mod Nuzlocke is a based off the Nuzlocke rules of pokemon. Where when a pokemon faints it gets released.

We don’t want our server to be that harsh so we have EVs/IVs which makes people want to train their pokemon in these hidden stats to have the best pokemon on the server.

Of course, you can make a fun server and take the competition out. By allowing GameShark, the notorious cheating choice. However if you are reading this because you want to run a server, be on the lookout for this mod. Decide what kind of server you want to run. SilverMoon Pixelmon does not allow players to use this mod on our server.

Reason 2 – Customization & Control!

For any pixelmon version, “pixelmon extras” is a fantastic tool allowing the user to alter and manage the pixelmon. Another fantastic pixelmon mod is: “Spawn of Psyduck”. This mod allows you to change how pokemon will spawn in the biomes, their spawn rates, the time of day when they can spawn, and so much more!

Reason 3 – Community!

By far this is the biggest reason to take a good look at which mods you want to use for your pixelmon experience. As I’ve been working on SilverMoon Pixelmon, I’ve noticed how much “WonderTrade” has impacted our server. WonderTrade allows players to send a pokemon from their inventory to a lottery pool. In return they get drawn a random selection from that pool.

The pixelmon side mod “Pixelmon Friends” is a mod I haven’t personally gotten to play with yet, since it’s for pixelmon 4.3.x. However, it allows the players to add each other on a friends list and give them popup notifications on their friend’s achievements on the server.

Get Informed about Pixelmon Side Mods

Now get out there and catch all the different pixelmon side mods! Find pixelmon side mods that were both mentioned and not mentioned here on the official wiki page.


3 Steps on How to Get The Minecraft Pixelmon Mod Download

How to Get The Minecraft Pixelmon Mod Download

I recently posted about a minecraft server that one of my best friends and I are working on together called: “SilverMoon Pixelmon“. This guide is for people that don’t have Pixelmon and teaches them how to get and install the pixelmon mod. Below you will find the Minecraft Pixelmon Mod Download to get started. I hope you find this post helpful in figuring out how to get Pixelmon on Minecraft PC.

How to get Pixelmon on Minecraft PC

Step 1: Locate the correct Minecraft Pixelmon Mod Download

Depending on what version of minecraft you are using, will help you determine what download to get. First head over to the minecraft pixelmon mod download page located on the official pixelmon website. Please do NOT download the mod from any other source, as you risk getting infected.

Minecraft Pixelmon Mod Download links

In the above image, I have highlighted pixelmon version: 3.5.1 for Minecraft Version: 1.7.10. If you are looking to play on our SilverMoon Pixelmon Server, this will be the download you will need. Otherwise, please download the appropriate pixelmon version to your minecraft version.

Step 2: Install and Use Forge!

Forge is a simple minecraft plugin tool that allows you to load and unload certain minecraft mods. The easiest way to get it is by going to the official forge site, and like I said with the previous download link; please only download from the official site.

Minecraft Forge links for minecraft pixelmon mod download

In the above image, we selected 1.7. If you are looking to play our pixelmon server, please get this version. Otherwise, please select the version for your minecraft.

Step 3: Install through the minecraft pixelmon mod download through forge!

This is your last step, and it’s pretty easy. You just need to copy over the files you downloaded from the pixelmon site and paste them into the forge folder. Please make sure that you have already installed Forge before proceeding.

To find your “Mods” folder that forge uses, open up your app data folder. (If on windows). You should be able to find this folder by holding down the windows key and the “R” key at the same time. A prompt will show up, just type or paste the following and hit enter: %appdata%\.minecraft\

You will then find a mods folder. That will be the place you will paste in all the pixelmon stuff. If you are successful when you run the forge profile in your minecraft client, you’ll see the mods load and then you can double check in the mod list to make sure the mod is installed correctly.

That’s it you are done!

Don’t Wait, Sign Up To Be One Of The First Poke-Trainers on SilverMoon Pixelmon!

Pixelmon Servers For Minecraft: Silvermoon

Looking for Pixelmon Servers For Minecraft?

Pixelmon Servers for Minecraft SilverMoon Sneak Peak

A screencapture of our SilverMoon Pixelmon Server build.

I am pleased to tell you of a new project that I have been working on for a few weeks now with one of my best friends, Serenity. It’s a minecraft pixelmon server. I know that I tend to make this blog about game development, but I thought with this post I would talk about the modding community and the ecosystem inside Minecraft. If you are looking for pixelmon servers for minecraft, then be sure to check out ours when we are ready to go live!

Right now the goal for this project is to build the server, add in the mods, and to get better with customer support. By building this Minecraft server, I get better experience in game hosting, game development through the use of Java in plugins/server mods, build and test with an active player base, and more gain exposure and a fan base for my future projects. I can’t use this IP as a way to gain a profit, but I can use it to to build a better relationship with my target audience.

My goal is to create a blog post every week, since I have been slacking really hard for close to half a year of no content on this site. I will be opening the doors to my minecraft development and android game development logs here.

For now, I would like to give you a quick preview of our spawn area.

Don’t Wait, Sign Up To Be One Of The First Poke-Trainers on SilverMoon Pixelmon!

Searching for the right Pixelmon Servers for Minecraft that you’re going to enjoy shouldn’t be a hard struggle. Our goal is simple, create a great community with plenty of content to share! SilverMoon Pixelmon is going to be the community and server that will allow you to challenge new foes, find new friends, and catch all the pokemon!

SilverMoon Pixelmon will be running on Minecraft 1.7.10 and will require NO extra mods for you to download or install. Upon opening we will be in search of Gym Leaders and a few other roles, so be on the lookout!

styxnyx snapchat - gaming snapchat - minecraft snapchatIf you want follow up on exclusive events and updates or perhaps you just want to chat, please add me on Snapchat (Styxnyx) and send me a message with: “Silvermoon” and when we have updates for you, we’ll send you a message! Your search for pixelmon servers for minecraft is over. 🙂


Top 5 Most Lucrative Game Design Jobs in the Video Game Development Industry

Top 5 Most Lucrative Game Design Jobs in the Video Game Development Industry

Game Development JobsAccording to the Entertainment Software Association [PDF], consumers in the US spent over $6.7 billion on video games in the year 2012 alone. Additional delivery formats like subscriptions, full digital games, digital add-on content, mobile software and social network gaming, accounted for an additional $7.7 billion. While that was a roughly a $2 billion fall in sales from the year 2008, game design jobs are still extremely lucrative. Here are some of the well-paying game design jobs in the gaming industry.

Game Development Jobs #5: 

Game Artists and Animators: Average Salary- $75,009

Game artists are responsible for the theme of the game and some also design the application’s packaging as well as promotional materials. The art director controls the art department and oversees decisions concerning to the artwork and visual features of a video game. Depending on the size of the studio, there may be one or several lead artists, each supervising a team of artists to guarantee consistent work. The concept artist builds storyboards, drawings, sculptures of characters, paintings, landscapes as well as other game features to help guide designers and other artists. According to the graphics of the concept artists, modelers make 3D images and also build the character skeletons. Animators design the movements of the game’s characters and objects. Motion-capture artists record the movements of objects, which are later used to direct animators in making the video game more realistic. Cinematic artists make the promotional videos that are used to market the game while photographers shoot pictures used to creating concept art. Most video artists have an associate’s degree or just a degree in game design, game development, or other art-related courses.

Game Development Jobs #4: 

Video Game Designers: Average salary-$75,065

Game designers create the interesting aspects of video games which include the characters, the plot as well as the gameplay elements. The lead video designer is in charge of the video design team. He conducts meetings of professionals to brainstorm new ideas and handles team schedules and video game design. The content designer creates the plot and game characters. A level designer forms the appropriate environments for every level of a video game. The video game’s texts and the conversation among the characters are all written by a professional writer. The majority of video game design artists hold associate’s degree or a bachelor’s of science degree in computer science, game development, and game design. Those who don’t specialize in computer science should have knowledge in computer programming as well as scripting languages. Writers normally have a bachelor’s of art degree in English, Journalism, and Communications.

Game Development Jobs #3: 

Audio Designers or Audio Engineers: Average Salary-$81,543

Many video game studios combine the tasks of audio engineers and audio designers and some contract them instead of having them full-time. Audio designers and engineers design a variety of sounds for the games such as creative sounds, cinematic sounds, and technical sounds. They also scan through commercial sound libraries to select the appropriate sound effects. Audio designers and engineers also fuse and edit sound effects by using multi-track hardware and software. Many audio designers and engineers hold an associate’s degree or even bachelor’s degree of arts in sound engineering, but some only possess a high school diploma but with hands-on experience.

Game Development Jobs #2: 

Video Game Producers: Average Salary-$84,127

A video game producer oversees the administrative aspects or routine operations related to the studio’s staff and games. He conducts meetings with the different departments to strategize and harmonize workflow. The producer also makes sure that the game development completed within budget and target deadlines are met. A producer usually possesses a bachelor’s degree and no specific major is listed, but business skills are valuable in this position.

Game Development Jobs #1: 

Computer Programmers: Average Salary- $92,151

Programmers apply various computer languages to develop video games. They write strings of codes which determine how a game plays. The lead programmer oversees the programming team and meets with various team leaders to deliberate about the game’s progress. The work of the Artificial Intelligence programer is to control how various game characters respond to the player’s commands. A network programmer enables games to compete or creates teams online and generates the code that prevents players from cheating in the game. Using algorithms, a graphics programmer makes the game’s 2D or 3D graphics.

10 Strategies & Tips That Can Help You to Create Games for Android

10 Android Development Tips & Strategies To Help You Create Games For Android

Have you been struggling with your android development? Here are our 10 Strategies & Tips That Can Help You to Create Games for Android! While we are targeting this for android app game development, this can be applied for other app development environments.

When developing an independent game that is compatible with Android, a programmer can add snippets of code to the game, install a template, use Unreal Engine, develop a prototype of the app, create patches and add a leaderboard that is automatically updated. Furthermore, a developer may create a map of each virtual environment, and app development specialists commonly add interactive tutorials that help new players to utilize a game’s features.

Tip #1: 

Test out other games through google play store to help with your android app game development.

Test out other games through google play store to help with your android app game development.

Evaluating Other Games

Before creating an app for gamers, Android development experts can analyze various aspects of similar applications, and programmers regularly examine the characters in each game, subplots, the software program’s graphics, the movements of each app’s characters and an application’s audio. Additionally, programmers frequently evaluate interactive lists that allow users to determine their scores.

Start Evaluating Other Games In Google Play…

Tip #2:

You can find templates and starter packs on assets stores like Unity, this will make your android development faster.

You can find templates and starter packs on assets stores like Unity, this will make your android development faster.

Selecting Templates

When creating games, most developers use platforms that are fully modifiable. A detailed analysis indicated that more than 35 percent of templates are free; however, high-quality platforms typically have prices that are between $90 and $3,500. Some templates will allow you to easily add quizzes to a game, design customized maps, create notifications, install videos, add puzzles and link the game to social media profiles.

Check Out Unity’s Asset Store…

Strategy #3:

Create games for android by getting good with prototyping.

Create games for android by getting good with prototyping.

Creating Prototypes

An app game development expert should design a basic version of each game, and this software may only feature the app’s main maps and virtual items that have not been customized. Once you have created several new features, you can add an updated prototype of the game to your mobile device. According to one report, programmers commonly test the prototypes of popular games for more than 80 hours before creating the final versions of the apps.

Tip #4:

Unholy Squid is creating Burning Rush, an android app development process that is still going.

Unholy Squid is creating Burning Rush, an android app development process that is still going.

Designing a Logo

In general, the tones of the game’s logo should match the main colors of the application’s template, and according to numerous studies, logos that show a character or a distinctive object are more likely to attract new customers than relatively plain logos. If the image features text, the writing should have a relatively standard font. Several analyses have shown that viewers are less likely to remember the name of a business if the company’s logo features a font that is rarely used.

Check Out Burning Rush on Google Play… 

Strategy #5:

Create games for android with the Unreal Engine.

Create games for android with the Unreal Engine.

Utilizing Unreal Engine

This trademarked application features a large number of source codes and completed games that are examples for new developers. The state-of-the-art editor allows an Android development expert to drag and drop files, videos, widgets and images. Unreal Engine also lets programmers purchase and sell templates for independent games of all types.

By December 2015, Unreal Engine had been downloaded by more than 2.2 million individuals worldwide. Thousands of these app development specialists regularly use Unreal Engine’s Forums, which can give programmers the ability to ask questions about virtual reality, gameplay, visual scripting, animation and architectural visualization.

Download Unreal Engine For Free… 

Strategy #6:

Corona offers great solutions for app game development.

Corona offers great solutions for app game development.

Corona SDK

With a modifiable user interface, this cutting-edge application lets users create games that are compatible with five popular platforms, and currently, more than 250,000 developers regularly use Corona SDK. The free app provides a large number of step-by-step tutorials and videos that offer strategies for adding detailed maps, new levels, a leaderboard and custom messages for players.

By using Corona SDK, app game development experts may easily integrate advertisements into games. Unlike many applications for developers, Corona SDK does not require programmers to pay a portion of the revenue that the games generate.

Get Corona SDK…

Strategy #7:

Take on your app development skills with Unity.

Take on your app development skills with Unity.


Originally released in 2005, this software program can create games that are compatible with Android, Windows and Apple’s operating system. The application is able to develop interactive environments, combine various images and easily modify the appearance of each level.

Programmers who specialize in app development can also combine numerous types of audio and create sound effects for an action that a character performs. Moreover, developers may sell products to players, and the application is also able to calculate the revenue that a game produces and the number of users who click every advertisement.

Unity is capable of producing analytical reports that indicate the number of people who play each game per day, evaluate the links that a user clicks and determine which events commonly occur during a gamer’s sessions. The software can also create a detailed profile for a player, and consequently, the app may customize the gameplay for every user.

Download Unity3D For Free…

Tip #8:

Use Nextpeer the next time you create games for android.

Use Nextpeer the next time you create games for android.

Using Nextpeer

This app allows users to share screenshots with their friends, post updates that indicate a gamer’s performance, participate in tournaments and send messages to friends who use numerous social media networks. Moreover, the application has a leaderboard for each game, and users may send challenges to players who have achieved particularly high scores. A recent report showed that the app can boost the number of people who play a newly developed game by approximately 19 percent.

Signup For NextPeer…

Strategy #9:

GameMaker snippets will speed up your app game development.

GameMaker snippets will speed up your app game development.

Snippets of Code

By adding snippets, you can give players the ability to move characters in certain directions, pick up virtual objects and enter particular environments. Snippets may also help the application to organize frames, and the codes can prompt an app to display certain screens when a player performs particular actions.

Find Game Development Snippets & Scripts Here…

Strategy #10:

Bugs are nasty, but are unavoidable when doing android development. Be sure to continue patching your application.

Bugs are nasty, but are unavoidable when doing android development. Be sure to continue patching your application.

Eliminating Bugs and Potential Issues

An Android development specialist can utilize a software program that may automatically identify various types of glitches. Furthermore, an app game development expert’s website may contain a contact form that allows players to list potential glitches that they have found.

Subsequently, the programmer should create patches, which are relatively small files that are able to eliminate bugs. The patches can also improve the security of the application, add new features to each level, improve the graphics, enhance a game’s storyline and add characters.










Top 5 Game Design Schools

Top 5 Game Design Schools In The United States

Video Game Schools

Photo Credit by: Ian Dick on Flickr.

Welcome! Looking for the top video game design schools to increase your video game development skills? Do you want to rub elbows with the great designers or with a school that actually partnered with Nintendo? Of course you do! Who wouldn’t?

Read our list of the top five video game design schools and visit their websites to learn more about what they do and the programs they offer. Happy designing and please remember we got all our information from their website so check those out, They’re next to the titles.


5. Game Design School: Rochester Institute of Technology

Game Design School - Rochester Institute of TechnologyVisit Game Design Schools Website: (

Coming in at number five. Founded in 1829 this school has been around the block. You can find this video game design school at Rochester, New York. They have a very prestigious game engine development course and an artificial intelligence course as well. Sure to get your mind stimulated and inspire you to come up with new ideas. They announced the plans for their Game Designing Facility sometime back in 2015. Gaming students everywhere have been eager to get their brains in there.

4. Game Design School: DigiPen Institute of Technology

Game Design School - DigiPen Institute of TechnologyVisit Game Design Schools Website:  (

Making it’s way to number four. This top notch of all video game design schools can be found in Redmond, WA. Founded in 1988 and partnered with Nintendo in 1990. They offer these three game development programs and a few more. The BSCSGD, The BDG and The BS Core Subjects.Which stands for Bachelor or Science in Computer Services and Game Design, Bachelor of Arts in Game Design, and Bachelor of Science. You weren’t think BS meant… did you? Getting into any one of these programs is a great honor and would look amazing on any resume.

3. Game Design School: University of Utah

Game Design School - University of UtahVisit Game Design Schools Website:  (

Jumping right in to spot three. Practice your video game development at The University of Utah. Located in Salt Lake City Utah. Established in 1850 so you know they have been around long enough to perfect their programs and get them up to par. They have an elite Engineering Arts program that is sure to get even the most experienced game designer new and exciting ways to learn to their craft.

2. Game Design School: Carnegie Mellon University

Game Design School - Carnegie Mellon UniversityVisit Game Design Schools Website:  (

Squeezing itself to fit into number two, Carnegie Mellon University. Of all video game design schools this is never a bad option. Founded in 1990 and coming in at number 2. CMU is located in Pittsburgh, PA. They have an amazing collaborative studio so that you are not alone as you learn about designing videogames and taking your passion to the next level. whats better than bonding over some video games and html talk? Hardly anything.

1. Game Design School: USC – University of Southern California

Game Design School - University of Southern CaliforniaVisit Game Design Schools Website:  (

And darting up to number one on our list of the top 5 Game Designing Schools is USC. USC, or University of Southern California, is the best of all game design colleges and is located in Los Angeles, CA. Founded in 1880 showing tons of wisdom and understanding. They have two programs for Bachelors of Arts and Master of Fine Arts, which are their Interactive Media and Games, as well as, Computer Science. These programs require lots of previous knowledge on calculus and others, but if you make it into this school expect to see a change in your life and job opportunities. Also, expect for others to be jealous of you and your friends to wish they were you.

There you have it. Our top five game schools. Do you think you have what it takes to make it into these game schools and pass the classes? If so I am sure they want to hear from you. I bet these game schools are more than just partying and drinking all the time. These game designing schools are as intellectually stimulating as they come.

As a reminder we included the websites next to the names of each video game development school. Now get those applications in, brush up on your calculus, and don’t forget to get some rest from all that coding and of course the best part, video game testing. Don’t forget to get a brochure from the school of your dreams, if they offer one. See you in college making the next sony or x-box craze, you video game designer, you!

Launch Your Favorite Game Anytime You Connect To Your Network!

IFTTT Recipe + Python Script + Dropbox =

Launch your favorite game anytime you connect to your home network with your android phone.

Ever been so excited from when you leave work or school to get home and play your favorite computer game ASAP? I know I have and when I get home I want my game opened NOW! Well today I bring to you a recipe I came up with over the holiday break!


This recipe monitors your phone or tablet device to see if it is connected or disconnected from your home network.


  • A Smart Device such as Android or IOS
  • IFTTT Account with App installed on your Android or IOS device
  • Created the correct IFTTT recipe
  • Dropbox Installed on your computer
  • Python 2.7 Installed on your computer
  • This Python Script
  • AutoHotKey Installed on your computer (Optional)

The Python Code:

As you can see it’s a fairly small and easy python script the main points in which you’ll want to change/edit is what it does when you either disconnect or connect to your network. Launching an application is as easy as changing this line:
If you are just launching an application that line will be changed to the path of the program that you want to launch. If however, you wanted to say open up a youtube video and turn your volume all the way up, it would probably be easier for non-programmers to use another scripting language called: “AutoHotKey”. While I use any other language over AHK any day and any time, I still love AHK and it has it’s strengths in creating mouse/keyboard macros with relative ease and speed.

Example of an AutoHotKey script to un-mute your sound and open a youtube video:

As you can see it’s a really simple script. You can use it to open up a youtube video when you get home or open your favorite program. I hope you get lots of use out of this script. Feel free to message me things that you have used this python script for.

The IFTTT Recipe:

Now that you understand the main python script, lets take a look into the IFTTT recipe required to get this all working properly. The recipe is as follows:

  • Install IFTTT App onto your phone
  • Create a new IFTTT Recipe
  • IF: Android Phone Connects Or Disconnects from Any Network
  • Then: Create a text file in a Dropbox folder named: Connected to {{SSID}} {{OccurredAt}}
  • Run the python script with dropbox installed onto the machine. Make sure you have the right path in the script to match the location of the text file created by the IFTTT Recipe