Top 5 Most Lucrative Game Design Jobs in the Video Game Development Industry

Interested in video game design? Check out our top 5 game design jobs in the video game development jobs. Most Lucrative Game Design Jobs in the industry.

Top 5 Most Lucrative Game Design Jobs in the Video Game Development Industry

Game Development JobsAccording to the Entertainment Software Association [PDF], consumers in the US spent over $6.7 billion on video games in the year 2012 alone. Additional delivery formats like subscriptions, full digital games, digital add-on content, mobile software and social network gaming, accounted for an additional $7.7 billion. While that was a roughly a $2 billion fall in sales from the year 2008, game design jobs are still extremely lucrative. Here are some of the well-paying game design jobs in the gaming industry.

Game Development Jobs #5: 

Game Artists and Animators: Average Salary- $75,009

Game artists are responsible for the theme of the game and some also design the application’s packaging as well as promotional materials. The art director controls the art department and oversees decisions concerning to the artwork and visual features of a video game. Depending on the size of the studio, there may be one or several lead artists, each supervising a team of artists to guarantee consistent work. The concept artist builds storyboards, drawings, sculptures of characters, paintings, landscapes as well as other game features to help guide designers and other artists. According to the graphics of the concept artists, modelers make 3D images and also build the character skeletons. Animators design the movements of the game’s characters and objects. Motion-capture artists record the movements of objects, which are later used to direct animators in making the video game more realistic. Cinematic artists make the promotional videos that are used to market the game while photographers shoot pictures used to creating concept art. Most video artists have an associate’s degree or just a degree in game design, game development, or other art-related courses.

Game Development Jobs #4: 

Video Game Designers: Average salary-$75,065

Game designers create the interesting aspects of video games which include the characters, the plot as well as the gameplay elements. The lead video designer is in charge of the video design team. He conducts meetings of professionals to brainstorm new ideas and handles team schedules and video game design. The content designer creates the plot and game characters. A level designer forms the appropriate environments for every level of a video game. The video game’s texts and the conversation among the characters are all written by a professional writer. The majority of video game design artists hold associate’s degree or a bachelor’s of science degree in computer science, game development, and game design. Those who don’t specialize in computer science should have knowledge in computer programming as well as scripting languages. Writers normally have a bachelor’s of art degree in English, Journalism, and Communications.

Game Development Jobs #3: 

Audio Designers or Audio Engineers: Average Salary-$81,543

Many video game studios combine the tasks of audio engineers and audio designers and some contract them instead of having them full-time. Audio designers and engineers design a variety of sounds for the games such as creative sounds, cinematic sounds, and technical sounds. They also scan through commercial sound libraries to select the appropriate sound effects. Audio designers and engineers also fuse and edit sound effects by using multi-track hardware and software. Many audio designers and engineers hold an associate’s degree or even bachelor’s degree of arts in sound engineering, but some only possess a high school diploma but with hands-on experience.

Game Development Jobs #2: 

Video Game Producers: Average Salary-$84,127

A video game producer oversees the administrative aspects or routine operations related to the studio’s staff and games. He conducts meetings with the different departments to strategize and harmonize workflow. The producer also makes sure that the game development completed within budget and target deadlines are met. A producer usually possesses a bachelor’s degree and no specific major is listed, but business skills are valuable in this position.

Game Development Jobs #1: 

Computer Programmers: Average Salary- $92,151

Programmers apply various computer languages to develop video games. They write strings of codes which determine how a game plays. The lead programmer oversees the programming team and meets with various team leaders to deliberate about the game’s progress. The work of the Artificial Intelligence programer is to control how various game characters respond to the player’s commands. A network programmer enables games to compete or creates teams online and generates the code that prevents players from cheating in the game. Using algorithms, a graphics programmer makes the game’s 2D or 3D graphics.

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