Game Maker Studio Giveaway!

Welcome to our first giveaway in quite some time!

We have done giveaways in the past for game gold, tools, and other games/website invite keys in the past. The last time we done a giveaway though is like two years ago! So it’s about time we do another giveaway with the re-launch of this new site uplift that I have done.

In celebration of the rebirth of Styxnyx as well as the spirit of video game development. I’d like to offer a giveaway for Game Maker: Studio. This will be a steam key.

A while back, Game Maker: Studio was on sale through humble bundle and while I already own a copy of GM:Studio, I thought I could use this as a great giveaway opportunity.


When will this giveaway end?

  • January 1st, 2016
  • A random person will be picked and emailed.

Rules to Participate in this giveaway:

  1. Limit 1 Entry per Person
  2. Can live anywhere.
  3. Must have or be willing to create a Steam Account.
  4. Fill out the following form:

Contest Closed. Winner will be announced soon.

New to game development and want a quick crash course? Check our our “Introduction to Game Development” post.


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Hi there, I'm Kyle. I'm a web developer and an indie game developer. Currently working on an android game called: Burning Rush developed in Game Maker: Studio and is currently in Early Access Stages.

I enjoy working with code, favorite language currently: Python.
Currently working: Freelance Part-time, Real Estate Marketing & Web Development Full-time, and Indie Game Development with Unholy Squid Entertainment.


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