3 Steps on How to Get The Minecraft Pixelmon Mod Download

In 3 easy steps we show you how to get the Minecraft Pixelmon Mod Download and teach you how to install it so you can play on our Pixelmon Server!

How to Get The Minecraft Pixelmon Mod Download

I recently posted about a minecraft server that one of my best friends and I are working on together called: “SilverMoon Pixelmon“. This guide is for people that don’t have Pixelmon and teaches them how to get and install the pixelmon mod. Below you will find the Minecraft Pixelmon Mod Download to get started. I hope you find this post helpful in figuring out how to get Pixelmon on Minecraft PC.

How to get Pixelmon on Minecraft PC

Step 1: Locate the correct Minecraft Pixelmon Mod Download

Depending on what version of minecraft you are using, will help you determine what download to get. First head over to the minecraft pixelmon mod download page located on the official pixelmon website. Please do NOT download the mod from any other source, as you risk getting infected.

Minecraft Pixelmon Mod Download links

In the above image, I have highlighted pixelmon version: 3.5.1 for Minecraft Version: 1.7.10. If you are looking to play on our SilverMoon Pixelmon Server, this will be the download you will need. Otherwise, please download the appropriate pixelmon version to your minecraft version.

Step 2: Install and Use Forge!

Forge is a simple minecraft plugin tool that allows you to load and unload certain minecraft mods. The easiest way to get it is by going to the official forge site, and like I said with the previous download link; please only download from the official site.

Minecraft Forge links for minecraft pixelmon mod download

In the above image, we selected 1.7. If you are looking to play our pixelmon server, please get this version. Otherwise, please select the version for your minecraft.

Step 3: Install through the minecraft pixelmon mod download through forge!

This is your last step, and it’s pretty easy. You just need to copy over the files you downloaded from the pixelmon site and paste them into the forge folder. Please make sure that you have already installed Forge before proceeding.

To find your “Mods” folder that forge uses, open up your app data folder. (If on windows). You should be able to find this folder by holding down the windows key and the “R” key at the same time. A prompt will show up, just type or paste the following and hit enter: %appdata%\.minecraft\

You will then find a mods folder. That will be the place you will paste in all the pixelmon stuff. If you are successful when you run the forge profile in your minecraft client, you’ll see the mods load and then you can double check in the mod list to make sure the mod is installed correctly.

That’s it you are done!

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