3 Reasons Why Pixelmon Side Mods Rock & Are a MUST!

We cover our reasons why Pixelmon Side Mods are awesome & why your server should use them! Try these Pixelmon Side Mod on your next pixelmon server!

I love wonder trade pixelmon side mods3 Reasons Why Pixelmon Side Mods Rock!

I recently started a pixelmon server with my best friend. At the start of this journey, I knew nothing about pixelmon. Here are 3 reasons why “Pixelmon Side Mods” are a must in your pixelmon experience.

I focus on development with most of this blog, but for players, you’ll definitely find it worth your time.

First off, you should note that some of these pixelmon side mods are exclusive towards certain pixelmon versions. Our current server (SilverMoon Pixelmon) runs on pixelmon 3.5.1, but after learning about new features and mods for pixelmon 4.3.x look awesome! As a result, Serenity and I will be opening a second pixelmon server under a higher version number.

Reason 1 – Competition!

Mods such as: Nuzlocke, EVs/IVs add a ton of competition value to your server/gameplay experience. The pixelmon mod Nuzlocke is a based off the Nuzlocke rules of pokemon. Where when a pokemon faints it gets released.

We don’t want our server to be that harsh so we have EVs/IVs which makes people want to train their pokemon in these hidden stats to have the best pokemon on the server.

Of course, you can make a fun server and take the competition out. By allowing GameShark, the notorious cheating choice. However if you are reading this because you want to run a server, be on the lookout for this mod. Decide what kind of server you want to run. SilverMoon Pixelmon does not allow players to use this mod on our server.

Reason 2 – Customization & Control!

For any pixelmon version, “pixelmon extras” is a fantastic tool allowing the user to alter and manage the pixelmon. Another fantastic pixelmon mod is: “Spawn of Psyduck”. This mod allows you to change how pokemon will spawn in the biomes, their spawn rates, the time of day when they can spawn, and so much more!

Reason 3 – Community!

By far this is the biggest reason to take a good look at which mods you want to use for your pixelmon experience. As I’ve been working on SilverMoon Pixelmon, I’ve noticed how much “WonderTrade” has impacted our server. WonderTrade allows players to send a pokemon from their inventory to a lottery pool. In return they get drawn a random selection from that pool.

The pixelmon side mod “Pixelmon Friends” is a mod I haven’t personally gotten to play with yet, since it’s for pixelmon 4.3.x. However, it allows the players to add each other on a friends list and give them popup notifications on their friend’s achievements on the server.

Get Informed about Pixelmon Side Mods

Now get out there and catch all the different pixelmon side mods! Find pixelmon side mods that were both mentioned and not mentioned here on the official wiki page.


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