[GML] Game Maker WASD Movement Code

Learning Game Maker? Check out our simple recipe for game maker wasd movement code. This game maker movement code also works with the arrow keys.

Game Maker WASD Movement Code

gmslogo1This is a simple Game Maker WASD Movement Code for easy use. You can change it up to even use arrow keys or whatever keybinds you wish to setup for your characters movement.


  • Game Maker 8.1
  • Or Game Maker: Studio

[GML Create Event]

[GML Step Event]

Use WASD instead of the arrow keys:

Expand on this by checking out the RPG Game Maker Movement code.

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  1. One problem, to have an action, you must have a event. What event did you use in this circumstance?

  2. There’s a little problem in the step event on line 19. It says room_height but it should say sprite_height.

  3. I am getting a problem where my character can only move up on half the screen. I’m not getting any errors my character just wont move up on the top part of the screen. Anyone have any ideas?

  4. Never mind the problem is in your code you’ve put
    if (MOVEUP && y > room_height/2)
    when it should be
    if (MOVEUP && y > sprite_height/2)

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