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3 Reasons To Join The Best Minecraft Server Community

3 Reasons To Join The Best Minecraft Server Community

Silvermoon is the best minecraft server as well as the best minecraft community

I made a blog post on SiverMoon’s blog titled, “What SilverMoon Means To Me – One of the Best Minecraft Servers!“. In that post, it was that site’s first blog post and I wanted it to be a special post. I decided to talk about some of the highlights of what I have found while running this server for just a little over a month & why I consider our server to be the best minecraft server.

A short excerpt from that post:

“I thank you for being apart of this server! And this is what I needed. I’ve been learning for a long time, but now I want to run and try new tactics. I want to be a video game developer and I haven’t been doing the best to perfect my craft. So I am so thankful for your support in giving me a new opportunity to learn about running game communities.”

Serenity and I are nearing our second month on SilverMoon Pixelmon and I thought I’d share with you some more highlights. If you look at this site and it’s content, you’ll notice that I’m a real on-again/off-again aspiring game developer. SilverMoon has re-lit my desire to push harder for my dreams. Thank you.

And now to the reasons why you should consider our server as the best minecraft server community! I hope that one day you will join us!

For Starters: Love & Kindness

Sounds cliche and overlooked by server owners. But I feel this is one of the core reasons to why I believe SilverMoon Pixelmon is the best minecraft server community. Players on our server open other players with welcome arms to new friendships. What’s Minecraft without a friends?

Our server’s community has family members; from fathers & their sons, to best friends, to real life friends. While we allow people to be themselves, we’ve always wanted a friendly atmosphere first.  Without asking, our players have always welcomed new people and helped them.

Then there’s: Response Time

I am brand new to being a minecraft server owner so it’s important to me to respond to everyone. This way I can build the best report with my player base. Serenity and I try our best to be available 24/7 for our players. While we might not appear online, we are always keeping tabs on everything.

A brilliant use of our response time is trying to minimize timeouts and keep the server running at all times. I created a python script to help monitor things on our server and provide us with news such as: Player Count, Cheaters, Logs, Timeouts, and Ddos attacks.

automated response best minecraft server

Dedicated Mobile Response Team

Along with our monitoring on things such as the above, we focus on being there anytime a player needs us. We are just a message away. Both Serenity and I use the following android apps to give either push notifications or access to the sever:

  • Pickaxe Chat Download Here
    • Used to connect to the server and allow us to chat to our players even when we aren’t home. We also use this a lot as we check in before going to bed or while we are waking up.
  • Remote Desktop Connection
    • To ensure everything is always running, we need to be able to have direct access to our server at a moments notice. Having it on our phones just means we’ll be able to launch the server the moment we get a skype message.
  • Enjin Android App Download Here
    • Sometimes players create reports through our website. We use Enjin as our web provider which allows us to get push notifications the moment someone sends us a private message or uses the contact forms on the website.
  • Teamspeak Android App Download Here
    • You’ll often find us chatting through our teamspeak server. Having teamspeak on our phones just allows us to engage with our community members. (Join us at: ts3.silvermoonpixelmon.com)
  • Skype Download Here
    • We have our staff chat, gym leader chat, and our automation bot notifications chat to always keep us updated. Sometimes, I’m personally busy doing something, such as cooking food, and I’ll use my phone’s notification light as my indicator to quickly check skype.

And Lastly: Support

As mentioned, I am new to being a minecraft server owner. It has been amazing to see the patience and guidance as I navigate through pixelmon. For the longest while, I had no idea on how to help players.

But after a month of experience I started to get the hang of it. By the second month, I had been able to focus learning the core of what it means to run a minecraft server. From the plugins, map design, player feedback, the community, etc. Everyone has been so supportive of not just myself but also with the community.

I won’t be the only one on the server who had no idea what they were doing. Thank you everyone who has helped new players on the server. Thank you for all the awesome feedback about everything! You have no idea how much we appreciate all the compliments, suggestions, and frustration feedback.

Join The Best Minecraft Server Community

I hope I have either increased your interest in our server and maybe turned you into one of our players. If you end up joining our server and you came from this article, please message me in game and I’ll be sure to give you a wonderful thank you gift. (My in-game name is: Pinguin101)

We might not be the best minecraft server, but our aim is to be one of the best minecraft community out there!

Don’t have Pixelmon 3.5.1? Check out our guide on getting it so you can connect! However if  do have Pixelmon 3.5.1 installed for Minecraft 1.7.10 then please use the following ip to connect to our home.

Server Ip: PlaySilverMoon.com

3 Reasons Why Pixelmon Side Mods Rock & Are a MUST!

I love wonder trade pixelmon side mods3 Reasons Why Pixelmon Side Mods Rock!

I recently started a pixelmon server with my best friend. At the start of this journey, I knew nothing about pixelmon. Here are 3 reasons why “Pixelmon Side Mods” are a must in your pixelmon experience.

I focus on development with most of this blog, but for players, you’ll definitely find it worth your time.

First off, you should note that some of these pixelmon side mods are exclusive towards certain pixelmon versions. Our current server (SilverMoon Pixelmon) runs on pixelmon 3.5.1, but after learning about new features and mods for pixelmon 4.3.x look awesome! As a result, Serenity and I will be opening a second pixelmon server under a higher version number.

Reason 1 – Competition!

Mods such as: Nuzlocke, EVs/IVs add a ton of competition value to your server/gameplay experience. The pixelmon mod Nuzlocke is a based off the Nuzlocke rules of pokemon. Where when a pokemon faints it gets released.

We don’t want our server to be that harsh so we have EVs/IVs which makes people want to train their pokemon in these hidden stats to have the best pokemon on the server.

Of course, you can make a fun server and take the competition out. By allowing GameShark, the notorious cheating choice. However if you are reading this because you want to run a server, be on the lookout for this mod. Decide what kind of server you want to run. SilverMoon Pixelmon does not allow players to use this mod on our server.

Reason 2 – Customization & Control!

For any pixelmon version, “pixelmon extras” is a fantastic tool allowing the user to alter and manage the pixelmon. Another fantastic pixelmon mod is: “Spawn of Psyduck”. This mod allows you to change how pokemon will spawn in the biomes, their spawn rates, the time of day when they can spawn, and so much more!

Reason 3 – Community!

By far this is the biggest reason to take a good look at which mods you want to use for your pixelmon experience. As I’ve been working on SilverMoon Pixelmon, I’ve noticed how much “WonderTrade” has impacted our server. WonderTrade allows players to send a pokemon from their inventory to a lottery pool. In return they get drawn a random selection from that pool.

The pixelmon side mod “Pixelmon Friends” is a mod I haven’t personally gotten to play with yet, since it’s for pixelmon 4.3.x. However, it allows the players to add each other on a friends list and give them popup notifications on their friend’s achievements on the server.

Get Informed about Pixelmon Side Mods

Now get out there and catch all the different pixelmon side mods! Find pixelmon side mods that were both mentioned and not mentioned here on the official wiki page.


Pixelmon Servers For Minecraft: Silvermoon

Looking for Pixelmon Servers For Minecraft?

Pixelmon Servers for Minecraft SilverMoon Sneak Peak

A screencapture of our SilverMoon Pixelmon Server build.

I am pleased to tell you of a new project that I have been working on for a few weeks now with one of my best friends, Serenity. It’s a minecraft pixelmon server. I know that I tend to make this blog about game development, but I thought with this post I would talk about the modding community and the ecosystem inside Minecraft. If you are looking for pixelmon servers for minecraft, then be sure to check out ours when we are ready to go live!

Right now the goal for this project is to build the server, add in the mods, and to get better with customer support. By building this Minecraft server, I get better experience in game hosting, game development through the use of Java in plugins/server mods, build and test with an active player base, and more gain exposure and a fan base for my future projects. I can’t use this IP as a way to gain a profit, but I can use it to to build a better relationship with my target audience.

My goal is to create a blog post every week, since I have been slacking really hard for close to half a year of no content on this site. I will be opening the doors to my minecraft development and android game development logs here.

For now, I would like to give you a quick preview of our spawn area.

Don’t Wait, Sign Up To Be One Of The First Poke-Trainers on SilverMoon Pixelmon!

Searching for the right Pixelmon Servers for Minecraft that you’re going to enjoy shouldn’t be a hard struggle. Our goal is simple, create a great community with plenty of content to share! SilverMoon Pixelmon is going to be the community and server that will allow you to challenge new foes, find new friends, and catch all the pokemon!

SilverMoon Pixelmon will be running on Minecraft 1.7.10 and will require NO extra mods for you to download or install. Upon opening we will be in search of Gym Leaders and a few other roles, so be on the lookout!

styxnyx snapchat - gaming snapchat - minecraft snapchatIf you want follow up on exclusive events and updates or perhaps you just want to chat, please add me on Snapchat (Styxnyx) and send me a message with: “Silvermoon” and when we have updates for you, we’ll send you a message! Your search for pixelmon servers for minecraft is over. 🙂